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Best Mental Arithmetic lessons are now available online using the Abakus online platform.


What is Mental Arithmetic?

Mental Arithmetic is a tested way of developing a child’s academic abilities and creative thinking in a balanced way, allowing them to reach their full intellectual potential.

At the beginning of the course, an abacus is used for children to learn the techniques. Later, children learn to do calculations in their head by forming a mental image of a number on the abacus and can do all mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) with any numbers in mind.

Course Length and Format.

Abakus’ courses last 2-3 years, with the first results appears after just two months of systematic every week lessons.

Lessons last 60 minutes and are designed to be fun and include games and physical activity.

Online Platform

We created a versatile online platform where you can open access to your students and teachers and manage groups in a few clicks.

Teachers can easily see the results of students and determine what to focus on in class.

All the apps are designed to engage students to practice mental arithmetic more at home.

We offer the best quality with

-Detailed program for 2.5 years prepared by professionals
-Online platform
-International Competitions
-Carefully prepared materials

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