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news Seminar in Bolesławiec
We are happy to inform you that Abakus Europe had an opportunity to provide the seminar in Bolesławiec. Looking forward to spreading the method of fast counting in more and more cities.
news Meridian Summer School
From 23rd of July till 27th mental arithmetic courses have been held in Meridian International School.
news Seminar for partners and teachers

March 12-14
Head office of Abakus Europe,
Warsaw, ul. Wiertnicza, 118

Level-1. Performing calculations using an abacus
Level-2. Addition and subtraction on the abacus

news International European Olympiad in Mental Arithmetic «GeniusKid 2018»

March 10th
Meridian International,
Gładka 31, 02-172 Warszawa-Ochota

International European Olympiad in Mental Arithmetic «GeniusKid 2018»

news Mini-Conference

March 9th, 9:30 — 13:30
VISTULA UNIVERSITY, ul. Stokłosy 3, Warszawa

First section «Problems that we have in education which have been solved in Abakus»
Second section «An affordable alternative to private schools»

news How to turn your child into a genius
A study of 5000 7-year-old children showed that 70% of them had genius potential. The research was repeated on the same children three years later, and the figure had fallen to 38%.
news What is mental arithmetic?
At the beginning of the course an abacus (or counting frame) is used. Later on, children will mentally visualise an abacus to do calculations in their head.
news About Abakus Europe
Abakus Europe is an organisation that helps children achieve their full potential through innovative study programmes. Since its launch, Abakus Europe's teachers have taught thousands of pupils across the continent.
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