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news Abakus Europe is now online!
For some time we have planned to run our courses also online. The current situation made us to implement our plans as soon as possible.
news “Innovative teaching” conference in Dublin
Abakus Europe Slovakia participated in the innovative teaching methods conference in Dublin - Learnavation. The project has a focus on designing new innovative curricula and educational methods.
news Training in Romania
Abakus Europe Romania is launching mental arithmetic courses in the next academic year (2020-2021) in several locations in and around Bucharest.
news The European Competition ABAKUS 2020 | Germany
Between 17-18 April in Cologne Olympic Games Abakus 2020 | Germany will be held. This event is organized for students from all over Europe.
news Abakus Olympiad 2020 | Poland
On 28 March in Warsaw Abakus Olympiad 2020 | Poland will be held. It is dedicated to our students from Poland. Those who took part in its previous editions know that besides the competition part there are plenty of great amusements waiting for them!
news Seminar in Cologne / Germany
On January 18-19 Abakus Center provided a training for our new partners in Germany. During these two days we covered 1 and 2 level of Mental Arithmetic, found out how to implement BrainFitness practices into the lessons.
news Welcome our new partner from Romania - Ramona Serban!
Here's a message from our partner
news 1st anniversary of our partner from Kuwait!
Today is Abakus Europe - Kuwait 1st anniversary. Going from start-up to scale-up calls for a celebration. It also calls for forward-thinking because, without question, our greatest accomplishments still lie ahead of us.
news Franchise EXPO
On Saturday, October 19th, the largest Franchise Fair in Central and Eastern Europe ended.
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