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news The next great new is that we will have a seminar for new partners!
The opportunity to know all the details of mental arithmetic world will be from 26-29 August 2019. We hope that this seminar will inspire our partners to spread an innovative opportunity to develop generations!
news Seminar in Stuttgart
This time, we had a 1-2 level Abakus Mental arithmetic training in Stuttgart. Seminar was very efficient therefore our partners are motivated to create mental arithmetic centers in multiple places.
news Abakus in Greece
Abakus Europe continues developing in Europe. "Robotic & Science Academy", located in Heraklion (Crete), became our new franchisee partner and has strong intention to spread Abakus-Mental Arithmetic Program in whole Greece.
news Training for new partners in Warsaw!
We recently provided Mental Arithmetic (1-2 Level) seminar for our new partners from Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow. During training we covered teaching methods, mental calculation techniques, practical cases and many more.
news Demonstrational lessons and awards in Pruszków
For the third time this year fast-multiplying contest (Międzyszkolne Mistrzostwa Szybkiego Mnożenia) was organized in Azymut School.
news Abakus Olympiad 2019
On 16th of March in Meridian International School was held Abakus Olympiad 2019. This day was filled with attractions and interesting events, both for adults and children.
news Training in Germany
On the International Women’s day, Abakus Center provided a 3-day training to colleagues in Germany. Partners and teachers from different places have come together to learn mental arithmetic and new approaches to teaching.
news Franchise EXPO 2019
Abakus Europe Team had a great chance to participate on Franchise EXPO 2019 which was held on 2nd of March!
news Abakus Olympiad 2019 | Poland
On 16th, March (Saturday) in Warsaw Abakus Olympiad 2019 | Poland will be held. We kindly invite you to take part in this event. Apart from the competition part and attractions for children, seminars for parents as well as teachers and partners are planned. It will also be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with people who are in the Abakus Europe Team.
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