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How to turn your child into a genius

Can a child really become a genius in the modern age?

A study of 5000 7-year-old children showed that 70% of them had genius potential. The research was repeated on the same children three years later, and the figure had fallen to 38%. And by the end of middle school, only 5% of them had retained this potential. These children knew exactly what to do next, and were able to plan a couple of decades ahead.

What lies behind this trend?

The standard education system does not release your child's potential or develop them as individuals, but instead lumps them together with everyone else. Rather than speeding up their brain, school freezes it. Teachers are afraid to answer questions that go beyond standard logic.

And if children are not encouraged to think, they will not find studying interesting. It is no surprise that by the age of 21, 68% of young people think passively, their heads filled with pre-prepared solutions and other people's thoughts.

That’s fine for shouting “who’s next?” at McDonalds. But they can wave goodbye to their dreams.

Why does this happen?

The standard education system is targeted primarily at developing the left-hand side of the brain, which is responsible for logic and analysis. It understands the literal meaning of words and mathematical symbols, which is enough for standard levels of logical thinking.

The right-hand side of the brain, meanwhile, specialises in the development of intuition, and processes information in symbols and images. It examines any problem not from one angle, but holistically.

If you want to release your child’s full potential, take a look at this new, progressive teaching method, based on technology that is over 2500 years old.

5 million prodigies in 56 countries are following it, in countries such as the USA, UK, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, India and China.

Which method are we talking about? Read on.

A method dating back 2500 years

Our Abakus mental arithmetic system is an original and complete brain building method. Abakus develops both sides of the brain and helps your child develop both intellectual and creative skills.

The intellectual skills include quick calculations, a powerful visual and auditory memory and concentration.

The creative skills, meanwhile, include resourcefulness, a sixth sense and innovative problem-solving techniques.

Abakus is not about maths. The mathematical techniques are a means to a more important end: developing both sides of the brain, which will directly affect your child's success in the future.

How the Abakus system works

The tool that underpins the lessons is the abacus, known as the “suanpan” in China, and the “soroban” in Japan.

Your child will use both hands when learning the system, and employ both sides of their brain. At first children use an abacus, then special cards, and then something magical happens: they can do the calculations in their head, imagining the abacus in front of them. Just consider the amount of imagination and mental processing required for that!

You’ll be able to throw away your calculator - after our training your child will be able to do all operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with any numbers.

What age groups can follow it?

For optimum efficacy, lessons should be started at the age of 4-7. You can start as late as 16, but this will require a little more work. Indeed, adults can also follow this programme; in America, it is used to help stave off dementia.

What is the teaching like at our centre?

The full course lasts 2 - 2.5 years, with the first results apparent after just one month of lessons.

Forget about tedious learning by rote; a fun and unforgettable process awaits. Your child will study mental arithmetic as well as doing brain exercises. They won’t just be sitting behind a desk, but also playing games that require some energy! It’s all part of the method.

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