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Welcome our new partner from Kuwait!

Each and every parent know’s very well that, children represent the future and their future are full of challenges, as a parent, we are all responsible for their general behavior, life skills and most importantly their mental development.

Today, worlds pace is connected to numbers, our world has grown in science and technology by developing their pro-numeral ability, as the numbers are increasing day by day, of those choosing to study without math and science narrowing their prospects in career and life. A society weak in dealing with numbers, unfortunately is a less intelligent and slow progressive.

Therefore, Abakus Europe – Kuwait, founded on the principle of believing on child’s development and improvement, we took all future fears and threats and converted to a present opportunity, we are here to provide our students with unparalleled opportunities to learn and develop their mental abilities. Our experienced and qualified teachers will provide to the children, extra dose of inspiration and motivation through an interesting and unique methodologies, to progress not only academically but personally too.

Today, our sole mission is to spread the wonders of Abacus and Speed Mathematics techniques, allowing our students to master the inherent benefits of the abacus and realize their full potential, in an environment starving for creative and green innovations.

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