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GeniusKid Competition

The GeniusKid competition provides a unique opportunity to test out children’s mental arithmetic prowess and overall logical development.

“Our children were delighted to win Abakus Center’s mid-term contest! They are now celebrating with their new friends and, of course, they want to get even better! The contest provides strong motivation to continue developing, to study hard and to achieve even greater success. We are definitely planning to return next year”. These are the words of some parents, whose children, when they return to their hometown, are sure to work on their mental arithmetic with even greater commitment!

It also provides an opportunity for parents to enter their children in a high-quality international educational competition, giving them an additional chance to prove themselves and expand theirhorizons. Parents are always eager to hear their child’s final result. And we do everything we can for each child in our network, to ensure they receive the best teaching and have the best possible opportunity to show what they can do. Everyone who follows our mental arithmetic programme will fall in love with our centres from the very beginning, becoming part of the big Abakus Center family.

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